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APN is a European platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and opinions on public health oriented alcohol policy issues; working on behalf of its members; with a primary interest in public health and social welfare; organised on a voluntary basis without formal statutes and membership fees.

The APN emerged in the context of an EC sponsored project called Bridging the Gap and was initiated at the meeting of this project in Warsaw in 2004. Over the years the APN has grown, both in number of participants as well as in importance, functioning as a real network: a community of individuals who exchange news, share information and in some cases, cooperate on joint activities; an inspiring, knowledge-increasing, and capacity- strengthening forum for its participants

Thus, the APN has become a powerful resource for policy making in Europe, bringing together the expertise and experience of a large group of people in leading positions in their respective constituencies in European countries for public health oriented alcohol policy making. They represent governmental as well as non-governmental agencies such as scientific institutions, public health institutions, treatment agencies, consumer organisations and various other kinds of agencies, as well as international organisations with a strong interest in public health oriented alcohol policy.

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